mapp ghost


The Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Project (M.A.P.P.) is a social media group dedicated to documenting the research of unexplained phenomenon to assist in the understanding of the unknown. 

M.A.P.P. serves the Mid-Atlantic region (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia).

We assist residential, business, and historical landmarks who have experienced paranormal or strange occurrences.  Our team researches and investigates free of charge.

Our M.A.P.P. team uses the most state-of-art technology including digital audio, photography, and video as well as other sensor devices.  We do not provoke, instigate, or employ any taunting techniques.  We will not summons anything that isn't already present or practice the use of Ouija boards, tarot cards, or any exercises of the occult!

We will respectfully investigate the property, objectively review any evidence, and present our findings for your review and interpretation.  Our goal is to educate and help with an understanding of the paranormal world.